WECHA is We Change Health for All. WECHA is the non-profit arm of Tech Care for All, a social impact company focused on sustainably transforming health outcomes in Africa and Asia with digital health. We Change Health for All (WECHA), is a registered not-for-profit association in the United States. Find us HERE We are also registered under Belgian Law AISBL and French Law 1901


WECHA envisions a world where all have access to quality essential healthcare services, in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3, Good Health and Well-being. We believe in the power of digital technologies to positively transform healthcare for providers and patients alike.


We are a diverse, global team of senior professionals who came together from public health, information technology and life sciences to create WECHA and Tech Care for All. WECHA is a registered nonprofit. Tech Care for All shares WECHA’s aspirations, seeking to achieve them through a sustainable and socially responsible business model.

What We Do

WECHA targets three areas of urgent need in global public health. Our goals are to:

1. Increase patient access to quality care
2. Improve knowledge and skills of healthcare providers
3. Fill gaps in the capture and use of health data to inform decision-making

Tech Care for All and WECHA share the same goal to meet unmet social needs but pursue different
operating models. As a social impact company, Tech Care for All seeks to achieve sustainability through
earning a profit on products and services that meet important needs in health. As a nonprofit, WECHA
focuses exclusively on pursuing high-impact initiatives that meet the most urgent needs in global health.
WECHA focuses on areas of major public health importance in low- and middle-income countries, such as
maternal and newborn health, HIV/TB, diabetes and cancer. WECHA projects target vulnerable, marginalized
populations and the healthcare providers who serve them.

In 2021-2024, WECHA aims to extend the reach of TC4A’s flagship product, Medical Learning Hub, to
thousands of healthcare providers working across sub-Saharan Africa and India. Medical Learning Hub (MLH)
is a platform that enables health professionals to search and register for trainings globally. MLH handles all
training types: on-site events that are face-to-face or even hands-on, self-paced online training, and live
webinars or clinical classrooms. Among our goals is to increase our offerings in cancer care.


We work throughout India and Africa, with offices in Abuja, Dakar, Nairobi, Delhi and Mumbai.


Donate to the WECHA Fund for Digital Health Innovation HERE We have partnered with the King Baudouin Foundation United States to be able to accept charitable contributions that are tax-deductible to the full extend of U.S. law. 

Contact us at pam.bolton@wecha.org